Are you looking for blackweb 6 device universal codes? If yes, then your search ends here. Our guide will help you in finding perfect universal remote codes for blackweb 6 devices remote. A blackweb universal remote is easy to setup and program to control your electronics devices. Using a blackweb 6 device universal remote you can program up to 6 devices and operate them using a single remote control.  If you are not aware of the process for programming your blackweb 6 device universal remote control then this guide will definitely help you throughout the process of programming. We have posted step by step programming instructions to setup your blackweb remote quickly.

Blackweb 6 Device Universal Remote Codes List

Universal remote codes are 4 or 5 digit universal codes that work to pair your device & remote together. You must need to have working universal codes before you start programming the device. The remote codes work according to codes list version of the remote and device model. So you can go through the list of myblackwebremote  device universal remote codes available below and select a perfect remote code based on the device model and type you have. More than one code is available for all brands so if a code is not working to program your remote control then you can try programming using another remote code. 

Brand NameRemote Codes
ACER1163, 1817
ADMIRAL0135, 2120, 2058, 0001, 2439, 0020
ADVENT2354, 0176, 0167, 1181, 2434, 1160, 0116
AFFINITY2077, 2078
AIWA3009, 1949, 2423, 2428, 0196
AKAI2488, 2494, 2012, 0214, 1148, 1137, 2487, 0076, 1138, 2415, 1139, 2451, 0231
AOC2091, 2063
APEX DIGITAL1796, 0214, 2061, 0436, 0215, 0216, 0949, 2139, 1132, 0445, 2497, 2499, 0424, 2431
AUDIOVOX1165, 2418, 1019, 1164, 0053, 2290, 1146
AURIA0009, 1179, 2504

How to Program a Blackweb 6 device universal remote without codes:

When you are unable to find a universal code for your remote control then auto code search method is perfect for you. In this method, codes will be go through a scanning process in the remote. 

  • Manually turn on the device like TV, Blu-ray, DVD that you wants to program.
  • Switch on the remote, and click on the device category button for 3 seconds.
  • Aim the remote control at the device and tap on CH+ & CH- switches. Remote will show up the on/off signals.  Tap Up or down key continuously till the device switches off. 
  • Verify the remote code by pressing on power key. Device will be switch on. If it starts, try changing the channels to verify the remote is programmed perfectly.
  • Then choose the device key to store the code. The led light will blink twice for the confirmation of stored code.

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Blackweb 6 Device Universal Remote Manual

A remote manual or user guide contains all the important information about the particular remote. This information helps a lot in setting up the remote control perfectly with the device to access all its functions. Remote manual may also have universal remote codes that are available for the particular model so you also use them to setup remote control. Along with this, you can find multiple remote programming methods with their detailed instructions.

Blackweb 6 Device Universal Remote Firestick

Programming a blackweb 6 device remote with firestick is no different then setup it with any other device. Follow the programming instructions given with the universal remote setup to program the remote control. You can operate all the functions of your firestick with the blackweb 6 device remote and enjoy seamless entertainment. Setting up firestick is similar to other devices such as TV or DVD Player. There are no extra functions or additional programming you need to do for setup the universal remote.

Final Words:

This article is all about programming a blackweb 6 device universal remote. Please share your feedback and suggestions via comments and let us know if you have any new codes. Write us if you are looking for any codes that are not available here.



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